Why one should learn body language?

A little knowledge about body language can make life a bit easier. Body language reflects inner thoughts of a person. The only thing is an opposite person should be able to read it. Well it doesn’t require lot of hard work but only the skill of observation. Everyday we come across lots of people and lots of thoughts. Just paying attention to their body languages during conversation and then quick mental association of the same with a topic of conversation will help you understand more about a person or topic than just spoken words.

Here are some noted observations.

A person resting chin on his hand while listening suggests that he is interested in your speech and carefully listening to it. A person who folds his arms while talking indicates defensive mannerism against the subject. If you find someone talking with you but not looking into your eyes, you can easily surmise a lack of confidence in that person.  A person who finds a support of an object like table while talking bears lameness about the topic in his mind. A restlessness of mind can be deduced from the act of playing with a pencil or similar object while talking. 

If you ponder over the above observations you will definitely find some logic behind the actions and the deductions.

Get yourself into the habit of checking body language and not just listening to words. Body language adds more meaning to words making conversations more meaningful.





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