Monthly Archives: June 2014

workloadI just left the office after my extensive hours of working. It is pretty late to travel. I haven’t even got a company. My mind is exhausted after taking thousands of decisions today. Many calls were received and put through my mobile. People sitting in different corners of the world tried to work together by handling various limbs of the project to make it desirably functional.
Well…what project I am talking about? Who had set the impossible deadline so prematurely and then disappeared from the scene to leave behind colleagues with Herculean task?
How come such practices can be allowed? To avoid the breach of contract every team member has to sacrifice his precious moments with family, friends, loved ones and spend extra hours on working.
Nobody will consider you as you because in the process you become a machine and act like a machine. You tend to consider others like machines. Your boss turns into dictator. The situation is similar to the one you see in a circus where a ring master controls every move of a tiger on a tune of his whip and poor tiger has no where to run but to follow the BOSS.
Aren’t we handling more pressure than we supposed to? Just because we are able to do it that doesn’t mean we should be doing it everyday. Are we not getting stretched like elastic? I hate this kind of work culture. Challenges are fun and result in exploring more of you.  But we shouldn’t overdo and should stop and stand against those who don’t see humans as humans but the machines.